This is the new Nitecore EMR40 mosquito repellent.

This is the new Nitecore EMR40 mosquito repellent.

I've been using these at my balcony and it works wonders in keeping our guests and kids free from mozzy bites.

Here's why it works so well:

It doesn't rely on messy lotions, sprays, or sticky patches.

It's battery powered and works by heating up repellents stored in replaceable pads.

The repellents diffuses into the surrounding air, creating a 16ft 'zone of protection'.

Each pad lasts 6 hours and the battery on the EMR40 lasts 10 hours.

Once the pad runs out, just swap a new one in and you’re set.

It works indoors and outdoors, green for indoor, blue for outdoor.

It takes just 4 hours to fully charge the EMR40 via USB-C, and the 4 indicator lights will show you how full the battery is.

It can also be used while being charged for constant protection.

At just 9cm tall and 229g, it's easy to bring around.

Belt clip attaches to MOLLE webbings, belts and backpacks without any clumsy holsters, or place in a central area to create your protection zone.

It's airline-safe, pocket-friendly, and always ready to protect you.

Ready to make your next adventure mosquito-free?

Order yours here

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