Step 2:

Pick your Secondary Light

A backup (if your primary light fails), that does what your primary light can't. A headlamp, lantern or a smaller light with a different power source.

Start with lights that use AA batteries or have a different function, like headlamps or magnetic lights so you can work hands free.

What to look out for:


Rechargeable AA batteries are preferred, when for any reason you can’t recharge your primary light.

AA batteries are easy to find all over the world and can be found even in natural disasters from TV remotes, clocks, or many other places.


Smaller or lighter than your primary light, so you can use it as a backup to your primary.

Also works great as a primary when you gear up for less demanding work or travel.


A hands-free headlamp, lantern, floodlight, L-torch.

All things that your primary light isn’t, but will come in handy depending on your work.

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