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  • SpartanBlades NYX and Nitecore SRT7


    When you're out in the field, rely only on the best tools for survival and illumination. This is the SpartanBlades NYX and Nitecore SRT7. Get $50 off when you purchase these 2 as a set from AIMSPEC.

    The NYX is a fully capable combat/utility knife. Hand made and designed by 2 retired US Army Special Forces personnel with over 40 years of combined military service and experience. Made in USA with only the best materials, this comes razor sharp, grips perfectly and will last you a lifetime.

    The SRT7 is a 960 lumen compact search light, purpose built for tactical use. It comes with red, green and blue lights for all manner of tactical applications. A magnetic ring lets you set the brightness from ultra low to ultra bright. Strobe, SOS and beacon modes will get you out of any situation. Waterproof down to 40m depth and it comes with a 10 year warranty.

    Both of these tools are the perfect companion for the Sniper, Ranger, Scout or any soldier working in a field environment.

    Find out more at -
    AIM Spec
    505 Beach Road (Army Market)
    #02-222, Golden Mile FC, Singapore 199583
    Tue-Sun 1pm to 8pm
    +65 9690 5966

  • Always carry a backup light

    We asked a customer why he always bought flashlights in pairs. He told us it is critical for him to carry 2 lights. Why?

    One high powered long throw main light with longer runtime and a backup, compact high powered light in an easily accessible pocket or bag.

    In case he loses his main light, or the battery dies or the light malfunctions in any way, he will not find himself in a situation where he's completely out of illumination.

    This is especially critical to the guys that work in life threatening situations; namely divers, marine repair crews, police officers and military. These guys may not have the luxury of switching batteries on the job. So if their main light dies they can switch to their backup light instantly.

    Not having illumination might mean life and death for some of them. So for those of you out there putting your lives on the line, you have our utmost respect. And always, always carry a main light and backup light.

    The new SRT3 Defender in the photo above is the perfect backup light for any situation.

    You can get your SRT3 here:

  • Defense techniques with Nitecore tactical lights

    In this incredible demonstration video by Tuhon Tim Waid and Survitac, Tim demonstrates the effectiveness of using a Nitecore in low light personal defense situations.

    A proper tactical light such as the 3 used in the video (Nitecore MT2A, MT26, MH2C) serves well as a visual impairment tool, impact tool, force multiplier, and a natural extention tool for hooking, locking and grappling techniques,

    These lights have been approved for personal defense use by Survitac, and are available from - www.nitecorelights.com/collections/personal-defense-lights.

    To learn more about these techniques used and to equip yourself with the knowledge to use these incredible personal defense lights, check out Survitac's site to learn more - www.survitac.com/seminars.html

    Remember, your tools are only effective if you know how to use them.

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