step 3:

Pick your Companion Tools

These are smaller tools to match everyday essentials like your phone and wallet.

They should cover the 3 most important areas when you’re in trouble or when your vision is impaired by low light. Sight, Sound and a Force multiplier for protection.

What to look out for:


Rechargeable AA batteries are preferred, when for any reason you can’t recharge your primary light.

AA batteries are easy to find all over the world and can be found even in natural disasters from TV remotes, clocks, or many other places.


Often overlooked, whistles draw the attention of nearby help when you can no longer shout for help.

In complete darkness, a whistle acts as a locator when all else fails.


Force multipliers can be a firearm or knife, but in most countries and for travellers, a tactical pen is a great replacement.

These have everyday use, and can double as glass breakers and personal protection.

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