UT05 - 400 lumens
UT05 - 400 lumens
UT05 - 400 lumens
UT05 - 400 lumens
UT05 - 400 lumens
UT05 - 400 lumens
UT05 - 400 lumens
UT05 - 400 lumens
UT05 - 400 lumens
UT05 - 400 lumens
UT05 - 400 lumens
UT05 - 400 lumens
UT05 - 400 lumens
UT05 - 400 lumens
UT05 - 400 lumens
UT05 - 400 lumens

UT05 - 400 lumens

"These are really good. I am using them for trail runs and they really give the runner wide clear vision without any shadows or dark spots.No tunnel vision too. Just attach to a velcro belt, plug a USB powerbank and you are good to go." - Tim K.

A split LED USB- powered light that's meant to be worn on your waist level to give you unmatched depth perception of your terrain. Just add a powerbank and you're set!

Flood Beam (20~100m)

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Navigate your trails like never before with incredible depth and detail

Ideal for various outdoor activities, such as trail running, training run, trekking, and hiking

  • 400-lumen brightness over 27 meters
  • 160 deg flood beam
  • Powered by USB-A power sources
  • 2 Brightness levels
  • Simple one-button control
  • IP66 rated and 1m impact resistant

Flexible light sources that can be mounted anywhere with hook and loop straps.

Hands free flood lighting - Meant to be used on your waist, it can be mounted anywhere with the included hook and loop straps. As long as you can run it to a light weight powerbank in your backpack, safety vest or waist pouch, you'll get smooth, wide lighting to light up your terrain or keep you safe and visible.

Easy One-Handed Operation - At just 40g, it feels weightless and once you've found a nice place to mount or wear it, use the single button to turn it on, off and change brightness levels.

Works with any powerbank - Plug into any USB-A powerbank for portable use or a larger powerstation or a laptop for unlimited runtime. It includes a fastner that wraps around your powerbank so the cable stays snug when running.

Ever twisted your foot on a rock you thought was flat? Or need to be visible for safety?

With most headlamps the light is at eye level, that means you can't see the shadows of objects in front of you. And if you're moving at speed, that increases the risk of tripping.

When you lower the light to waist level you can see shadows better and that's what gives you a clearer view of what's in front of you.

If that's not your concern, you can basically use this as a wearable light source for any kind of purpose. Each light has attachment loops and velcro loops included, so you can mount this anywhere you need light. Have a powerbank nearby and you're set.

OUTPUT AND RUNTIME (with a 10,000mAh Powerbank)

5h30min 27m


ANSI/PLATO FL 1 2016 Standard is a set of flashlight performance guidelines that confirms the light you're buying has been tested to spec, and you're not buying into false performance claims.


Battery Requirements USB-A Powersource
Special Modes Flood
IP Rating IP66 (Weatherproof)
Impact Resistance 1m
87.4mm x 18mm x 8.3mm  (3.44" x 0.71" x 0.33")
Weight 40.4g / 1.43 oz (pocket clip included)
Download Instruction Manual (PDF)

What's In The Box

  • 1x UT05
  • 4x Hook-and-loop Straps
  • 1x USB Cable Fastener

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