NU05 - 35 lumens
NU05 - 35 lumens
NU05 - 35 lumens
NU05 - 35 lumens
NU05 - 35 lumens
NU05 - 35 lumens
NU05 - 35 lumens
NU05 - 35 lumens
NU05 - 35 lumens
NU05 - 35 lumens
NU05 - 35 lumens
NU05 - 35 lumens

NU05 - 35 lumens

"Powerful. I used it during my ride and it was great and bright. Brilliant product." - Obie

Compact, lightweight utility beacon light that outputs red and white.

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NU05 - 35 lumens

Compact, lightweight utility light that outputs red and white.

Maximum Visibility - Designed for maximum visibilty at night, the NU05 KIT is extremely portable and can be attached to a headband, helmet, directly to a bike, or anywhere else you think of.

Built-In Battery - The built-in battery gives you 9 hours of continuous use before it needs to be charged. Using only a micro-usb cord (included) you can quickly charge your light almost anywhere. With a power indicator light built-in, you'll know when battery is running low.

Weighs almost nothing - Extremely small and extremely light, at just 10.4 grams, it won't weigh you down in any way. The compact size lets you to attach it to almost anything without it getting bumped, caught, or accidentally ripped off.

Output and runtime
FL1 STANDARD Red Indicator (slow blink) Red Light (slow / fast blink) White Light (slow blink / constant on)
LUMENS - 4 35
RUNTIME 20h 9h / 15h 2h15min / 1h

What's in the box
  • NU05 ONLY (built-in battery)

Actual size
LED 4 High Performance LEDs
Material Polycarbonate
Switch Top switch
Length 30mm
Width 29.5mm
Height 16mm
Weight 10g
"Never seen a light this small put out so much light. Surprised at how well designed this little light is. Strong and waterproof!"

by Karen Choo (verified buyer)

"Very compact little light, great for my backpack especially during rainy nights. Passive safety utilizing red illumination like a tail lamp."

by Raymund K (verified buyer)

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  • Deliveries in Singapore will take up to 4-6 working days by Courier.

Returns and warranty

  • If our lights don't work the way they should, let us know and we'll do our best to get you sorted. 1-year repair warranty.

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