TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens
TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens

TIP SE (Black) - 700 lumens

"700 Lumens saved us! Was riding at a really dark path at 2am and my friend's bicycle decided to break down. TIP SE saved us from the nightmare as it lit up the area effectively. Glad I brought it along." - Matin K.

Powerful 700 lumens in a small thumb sized light. Dual switch design for quick and easy brightness control. USB-C rechargeable.

Flood Beam (20~100m)

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Unboxing and how to work your new TIP SE

Thumb-Sized Technical Breakthrough In Personal Lighting.

High strength, low density and strong corrosion resistance.

  • 700-lumen brightness over 90 meters
  • 4 brightness levels, up to 8hr runtime at 30 lumens
  • Dual LEDs for incredible power
  • Rechargeable via USB-C port
  • Removable hat clip doubles as storage protection
  • IPX54 rated and 1m impact resistant

The ultra-small, ultra-tough, and ultra-bright companion light that stays by your side.

POWERFUL BEAM - 2x OSRAM P8 LEDs produce a powerful 700 lumen beam that hits up to 90 meters. The TIP SE drastically outperforms its small stature.

EASY TO USE - Dual switch design for quick and easy brightness control. Instant turbo or instant low mode from off. Momentary turbo modes are also possible. Navigate with low brightness, then press and hold the top button to get max brightness as long as you hold it. 

BUILT TO LAST - All metal alloy construction for high strength and strong corrosion resistance. Withstands impact and drops. Weather sealed IP54 rated. This will last you a long, long time.

QUICK USB-C CHARGING - Quickly and easily charge the 500mAh battery with the built-in charging port. Takes around 2hrs to charge. Battery indicator built into the buttons.


Combines the best features of all previous keychain lights so YOU get the best of today's tech in just 26 grams.

With its dual LED design, you get super bright light when you need it most.

The special OSRAM P8 LED enhances colors, reduces glare, and is easy on the eyes for up-close tasks. Plus, it's super reliable with its waterproof USB-C charging port.

The 30kg Key Ring ensures it stays securely attached wherever you put it. With easy-to-use buttons, it's a tiny light that packs a punch.

Enjoy long-lasting power, a battery indicator, and an impressive 1 hour and 30 minutes runtime on 180 lumens. If you need a dependable and pocket-sized light, the TIP SE is your best choice!


Turbo 700
15 min 90m
High 180
90 min
Mid 30
Low 1


ANSI/PLATO FL 1 2016 Standard is a set of flashlight performance guidelines that confirms the light you're buying has been tested to spec, and you're not buying into false performance claims.


Reflector Total Reflective Optic Lens
Battery Requirements Built-in 500mAh 
Special Modes Daily / Demo Modes
IP Rating IPX54
Impact Resistance 1 m
46.6mm x 25mm x 12.5mm 1.83" x 0.98" x 0.49")
Weight 21.5g / 0.76oz
Download Instruction Manual (PDF)

What's In The Box

  • 1x TIP SE (Charging cable not included)
  • 1x Key Clasp

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