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  • AA battery lights

    AA battery lights

    High powered illumination using easy to find AA sized batteries. Perfect for travel.

  • Accessories


  • Bargain Bin

    Bargain Bin

    The 'Bargain Bin' contains refurbished lights which are 100% working, but with varying degrees of cosmetic scratches.  At only a...

  • Batteries


    All of these are rechargeable, with internals from Japan. They will last you about 500 recharge cycles, that's 5 years usage...

  • Batteries & Chargers

    Batteries & Chargers

    State-of-the-art chargers and internationally guaranteed batteries. Don't waste your money on 3rd party batteries that might leak or explode. These...

  • Best Selling Lights

    Best Selling Lights

    Nitecore's top selling lights, tested and proven by professionals over the world.

  • Camera Chargers

    Camera Chargers

    Smaller, faster, lighter, cheaper, safer, more details displayed and better than the original chargers in every way possible. These are...

  • Chargers


    State of the art intelligent chargers. Most of them can charge different kinds of batteries, from AAA to 18650 types...

  • Compact sized lights

    Compact sized lights

    For those that need the highest possible output in the smallest form factor, this is it.These lights are perfect for...

  • Father's Day 2019

    Father's Day 2019

  • Headlamps


    These state of the art headlamps are a must for night work or activities that require both your hands. From...

  • Keychain lights

    Keychain lights

  • Medium sized lights

    Medium sized lights

    For serious users, and for when you absolutely have to illuminate every single thing in front of you. This category...

  • More Essential Gear

    More Essential Gear

  • Personal Defense Lights

    Personal Defense Lights

    These lights have been approved for personal defense use because the size and features of these lights are ideal to...

  • Precision Tactical Pens

    Precision Tactical Pens

  • Self Defense Training Workshops

    Self Defense Training Workshops

  • Ultra compact sized lights

    Ultra compact sized lights

    Everyone should carry a small, extremely compact and powerful LED light that will barely be noticed when carried inside, or...

  • USB rechargeable

    USB rechargeable

    These are all USB rechargeable, meaning the batteries can be charged via a USB port on the light or headlamp. Most...

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