Pokelit AA GRAY - 1000 lumens
Pokelit AA GRAY - 1000 lumens
Pokelit AA GRAY - 1000 lumens
Pokelit AA GRAY - 1000 lumens
Pokelit AA GRAY - 1000 lumens
Pokelit AA GRAY - 1000 lumens
Pokelit AA GRAY - 1000 lumens
Pokelit AA GRAY - 1000 lumens
Pokelit AA GRAY - 1000 lumens
Pokelit AA GRAY - 1000 lumens
Pokelit AA GRAY - 1000 lumens
Pokelit AA GRAY - 1000 lumens
Pokelit AA GRAY - 1000 lumens
Pokelit AA GRAY - 1000 lumens

Pokelit AA GRAY - 1000 lumens

"From dimly lit hostels to late-night treks, the Pokelit is the first thing I pack. It's essential for any traveler. Compact, durable, and exceptionally bright." - Mitch D.

Ideal for travel & backup, can be powered by AA batteries. The small shape and size makes handling a breeze. Removable battery, USB-C rechargeable, waterproof.

Flood Beam (20~100m)

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Small, Bright and Rechargeable - Ready for Any Challenge

It’s small enough to carry anywhere and bright when you need it most.

  • 1000 lumen brightness over 105 meters
  • 49 min runtime on 600 lumens, 3 brightness levels
  • 920mAh 14500 USB-C rechargeable battery included
  • Removable two-way pocket clip
  • Reliable Illumination Anywhere, Anytime
  • Easily Accessible AA Batteries for Travel
  • IP68 2m waterproof and 2m impact resistant

Strong, easy to use, and super handy for everyday stuff or outdoor adventures.

Unmatched Convenience -
Easily fitting in your pocket or bag, the Pokelit AA is perfect for those times when you need a quick burst of light at a moment's notice. It's a handy companion for daily use and unexpected situations.

Enhanced Personal Safety -
Ideal for night walks or emergencies, the Pokelit AA's bright beam can disorient potential threats and help signal for assistance, offering not just light, but also a sense of security.

Powerful Illumination -
Despite its size, the Pokelit AA boasts an impressive 1000 lumens, bright enough to light up large areas in short bursts. Need lower brightness? Easily switch to 330 lumens for less intense tasks and longer runtime.

Efficient and Eco-Friendly Charging -
With a USB-C rechargeable port built into the removable battery, charging your light is convenient and eco-friendly. If there's no recharge port in sight, just pop in fresh AA batteries and you're ready to go!

Adaptable for Hands-Free Use -
A removable two-way pocket clip turns the Pokelit AA into a makeshift headlamp, allowing you to clip it onto the brim of a hat for hands-free lighting - perfect for tasks that require both hands.

Meet the Pokelit AA: Your Ultimate Travel Companion

The problem with most modern lights today, is the batteries are not easily available. Especially around the world, you can't go into a convenience store to buy 18650 or 21700 batteries off the shelf.

But for AA batteries, you can, and this is what this light is based on.

For travel, convenience is key. The Pokelit AA shines bright with its ability to run on widely available AA batteries, removing the hassle of finding charging ports in unfamiliar locations.

With the freedom to pop in new batteries wherever you are, this flashlight is an essential travel companion, making sure you're not left in the dark during your travels.

The Pokelit AA comes with everything you need to get started, including a rechargeable battery and charging cable It's ready to use right away, so you're prepared for whatever lies ahead.


2756 cd
1h 50min
58m 850 cd
10 25 cd
High (AA Battery)
Mid (AA Battery) 116
- -
Low (AA Battery) 1


ANSI/PLATO FL 1 2019 Standard is a set of flashlight performance guidelines that confirms the light you're buying has been tested to spec, and you're not buying into false performance claims.


LED 6500K Cool White LED
Reflector Precision Smooth
Battery Requirements 1 × 14500 or 1 x AA
IP Rating IP68 (2m Waterproof and Submersible)
Impact Resistance 1.5 m
94.8 x 18.2 x 17.8 mm / 3.73 x 0.71 x 0.7 in
Weight 54.6 g / 1.92 oz with battery
Download Instruction Manual (PDF)

About ACEBEAM (Not Nitecore)


Since its inception in 2014, ACEBEAM has emerged as a trailblazer in high-power portable lighting, combining optical design expertise with lighting application to lead the industry. Known for its commitment to product quality, ACEBEAM is recognized for its reliable and stable lighting solutions.

Compatible Batteries

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 14500 / 3.7V
AA Alkaline Battery AA / 1.5V Yes
AA NiMH Rechargeable Battery AA / 1.2V Yes

What's In The Box

  • 1x Pokelit AA Gray
  • 1x 14500 920mAh Li-ion Battery
  • 1x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1x 2-way pocket clip
  • 1x Wrist lanyard
  • 2x Spare O-rings

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