NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens
NU53  - 1800 lumens

NU53 - 1800 lumens

"As a tunnel engineer, I need a high-output headlamp that’s both lightweight and reliable. The Nitecore NU53 is perfect, with its incredible runtime of 9 to 37 hours. It provides powerful illumination throughout my shifts, making it essential for detailed inspections in tough environments. Highly recommended." - Gary L.

Ultra long 18 hour runtime with lightweight design for demanding industrial use. Red light and High CRI modes. USB-C charging, waterproof.

Mixed Beam (100~200m)

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High output lightweight industrial headlamp with triple light sources

1-Hour Charge for All-Night Use. 80% full in just 1 hr, 100% full in 2h 40 mins.

  • 1800 lumen brightness over 175 meters
  • Triple output: white light, High CRI white, red light
  • TrueVision 100 deg angle flood beam
  • Built-in high capacity 6000mAh battery
  • Visible 4 level power indicator
  • USB-C 16W ULTRA FAST 1 hour charge for all night use
  • Easy dual button interface with safety lockout
  • Easy removal of headlamp from strap fo maintenance
  • IP68 Waterproof, 2m impact resistant
  • Diffusing lantern sack included

Ultra long 18 hour runtimes at 400 lumens. Up to 66 hours for 25 lumen high CRI upclose work.

Ultra High Output - With up to 1800 lumens, this headlamp provides exceptional brightness for demanding industrial environments. It’s perfect for illuminating large work areas, making tasks like construction, inspections, or maintenance safer and more efficient.

Long Runtime - Powered by a 6000mAh Li-ion battery, enjoy up to 37 hours on Low and 9 hours on High. This extended runtime is ideal for long shifts or continuous operations, reducing the need for frequent recharging and ensuring you have reliable light throughout the job.

Durable and Lightweight - Weighing just 151g (5.33 oz), the headlamp is comfortable for extended wear. Its rugged aluminum alloy and PC plastic housing withstand harsh environments, making it perfect for construction sites, tunnel inspections, and other demanding conditions.

Triple Light Sources - Equipped with a primary white light for general use, a high CRI auxiliary white light for accurate color rendering, and a red light to preserve night vision. These versatile lighting options are great for various tasks, from detailed inspections to emergency scenarios.

Superior Waterproof and Impact Resistance - Rated IP68, it can be submerged up to 2 meters and withstands impact from 2 meters. This durability ensures reliable performance in wet, challenging conditions, such as utility work or rescue operations.

Wide Beam Coverage - With over a 100° beam angle and >94% light transmission, it provides even illumination across broad work areas, reducing shadows and enhancing visibility during tasks like roadwork or large-scale maintenance projects.

Efficient Charging - Features 16W fast charging, fully charging in just 1 hour. This quick turnaround minimizes downtime, making it ideal for workers who need to recharge during breaks or between shifts.

Dual Button Interface - Designed for easy operation even with gloves on, allowing seamless mode switching and brightness adjustments. This is beneficial in dynamic work environments where quick adjustments are needed without removing safety gear.

Safety Features - Includes a sensor protection function to prevent overheating by automatically reducing brightness near obstacles, and a lockout mode to prevent accidental activation during transport. These features ensure safe and efficient operation, particularly useful for emergency responders and technicians.

Nitecore NU53 - An Industrial Powerhouse

Struggling with poor lighting and long recharge times?

The Nitecore NU53 is your ultimate solution, offering 1800 lumens of powerful illumination with a 100° flood beam for wide coverage. Ideal for industrial users, it runs up to 37 hours on Low and charges 80% in just 1 hour, perfect for quick breaks. Durable, lightweight, and versatile, it’s built to withstand tough conditions.

Designed for:

Construction Sites: Working on large construction sites often means navigating uneven terrain and handling heavy machinery. The wide flood beam of the NU53 provides broad, even coverage, reducing shadows and enhancing visibility. This is crucial for night shifts or low-light conditions, helping to prevent accidents and ensuring tasks like welding, plumbing, or electrical work are completed safely and efficiently.

Maintenance Work: Maintenance tasks in industrial settings can be extensive and require long hours. The NU53's long runtime of up to 37 hours on Low ensures you have consistent lighting throughout your 12-hour shifts without needing frequent recharges. Whether you’re inspecting machinery, repairing equipment, or performing regular maintenance checks, the reliable illumination supports your productivity and precision.

Emergency Response: In emergency situations, every second counts. The NU53 charges to 80% in just 1 hour, allowing responders to quickly recharge during brief breaks. Its high-output light ensures clear visibility in critical situations, such as search and rescue operations or disaster response, where immediate, dependable lighting is essential for locating individuals and assessing environments.

Outdoor Operations: Industrial tasks often take place outdoors, where weather conditions can be unpredictable. The NU53, with its IP68 waterproof rating, performs flawlessly in rain, mud, and extreme temperatures. Whether you’re involved in pipeline inspections, utility repairs, or environmental surveys, this headlamp’s durability and resistance to harsh conditions make it an indispensable tool.

Detailed Inspections: When conducting detailed inspections, color accuracy is crucial. The high CRI auxiliary light on the NU53 enhances color rendering, making it easier to identify issues such as corrosion, cracks, or material defects. This feature is invaluable for quality control specialists, electricians, or engineers who need precise lighting to ensure the integrity of their inspections.

Don't let darkness and inadequate lighting compromise your safety and productivity. With the NU53, you'll conquer any challenge, ensuring clear visibility and efficiency on the job.

Without it, you risk delays, reduced performance, and potential safety hazards. Make the smart choice—equip yourself with the NU53 today and take your work to the next level.


Turbo 1800 - 175m 6,841cd
High 1300 9h 142m 5,034cd
Mid 400 18h 72m 1,491cd
Low 150 37h 48m 568cd
Flood Low (High CRI) 25 66h 8m 18cd
Ultra Low (High CRI) 8 153h 4m 5cd
Red High 10 82h 5m 7cd
Red Low 5 132h 4m 4cd
Red Slow Flashing 10 -
Beacon / SOS 1300 - - -


ANSI/PLATO FL 1 2019 Standard is a set of flashlight performance guidelines that confirms the light you're buying has been tested to spec, and you're not buying into false performance claims.


Reflector TrueVision Optical Lens System
Battery 6,000mAh Li-ion battery
Special Modes SOS / Beacon / High CRI / RED
IP Rating IP68 Waterproof, 2m Submersible
Impact Resistance 2 m
83.4mm x 48.5mm x 43.9mm (3.28" x 1.91" x 1.73")
Weight 151g / 5.33 oz (with bracket and headband)
Download Instruction Manual (PDF)

What's In The Box

  • 1x NU53
  • 1x USB-C to USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1x Bracket
  • 1x Headband
  • 1x Diffusing Stuff Sack

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