HA13 - 350 lumens
HA13 - 350 lumens
HA13 - 350 lumens
HA13 - 350 lumens
HA13 - 350 lumens
HA13 - 350 lumens
HA13 - 350 lumens
HA13 - 350 lumens
HA13 - 350 lumens
HA13 - 350 lumens
HA13 - 350 lumens
HA13 - 350 lumens
HA13 - 350 lumens
HA13 - 350 lumens
HA13 - 350 lumens
HA13 - 350 lumens
HA13 - 350 lumens

HA13 - 350 lumens

"I run marathons early in the morning, before the sun rises, and the Nitecore HA13 is by far the best headlamp I've used. The different light settings are perfect for any trail. The battery life is fantastic—it lasts through my entire run without a hitch." - Jamie R.

Designed for early morning marathon races and outdoor adventures, this offers swappable battery options for extended use. Whether you're running, hiking, or camping, you'll get reliable lighting and comfort for hours on end.

Flood Beam (20~100m)

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Nitecore HA13: Lightweight Headlamp with Extended Runtimes

Designed for early morning marathon running, camping, and general outdoor use, the Nitecore HA13 provides reliable, adaptable lighting in a durable and user-friendly design.

  • 350 lumen brightness over 120 meters
  • White light + Red light
  • Ultralight 100g
  • Dual power sources: rechargeable battery or 3xAAA
  • Easy to use dual button controls
  • IP66 rated 1m impact resistant

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of extended ultra marathon races

Advanced Optical Lens System and Multiple Light Settings - The HA13 uses a high-efficiency optical lens for optimal light transmission, providing up to 350 lumens of powerful white light.

It features high, mid, low, and ultralow settings to tailor the lighting to your specific needs, whether you’re navigating dark trails, setting up camp, or signaling.

The red light modes, including both flashing and constant, are ideal for maintaining night vision and emergency signaling.

Lightweight and Comfortable Design - Designed for extended wear without discomfort. The adjustable headband ensures a secure fit during rigorous activities, making it perfect for long-term use in any environment.

Flexible and Reliable Power Options - Can be powered by 3x AAA batteries or the Nitecore HLB1300 Li-ion Battery Pack (not included), offering flexibility and convenience in power sources.

It’s built to withstand harsh conditions with an IPX6 rating for weather resistance and is impact resistant up to 1 meter, ensuring durability and reliability in any situation.

Gear Up for Early Morning Marathons with the Nitecore HA13

Navigating early morning marathons requires not only incredible physical endurance but also gear that can meet the extreme demands of running before the sun rises.

The Nitecore HA13 is engineered for runners who face the challenge of changing terrains and extended hours in low light.

This headlamp ensures a steady, reliable light source that adapts to both open trails and densely wooded paths.

With its advanced optical lens system and high-performance white LED, the HA13 provides tailored visibility to match specific trail conditions, enhancing safety and performance.

Designed to support the rigorous needs of marathon runners, the HA13 features versatile power options—compatible with both 3x AAA batteries and the Nitecore HLB1300 Li-ion Battery Pack (not included).

This flexibility ensures you have a reliable power source for both training and race days.

It’s more than just a headlamp; it’s a vital part of your running toolkit, enabling you to push your limits and power through the early hours with confidence and clarity.


White Light
High 350 3h 120m 3,500cd
Low 100 12h 70m 1,250cd
Ultra Low 6 140h 15m 60cd
SOS 350 - - -
Beacon 350 - - -
Red Light
Constant-on 5 40h 3m 2cd
Flashing 5 - - -

OUTPUT AND RUNTIME (Optional HLB1300 Battery Pack)

White Light
High 350 4h 30min 120m 3,500cd
Low 100 15h 70m 1,250cd
Ultra Low 6 160h 15m 60cd
SOS 350 - - -
Beacon 350 - - -
Red Light
Constant-on 5 60h 3m 2cd
Flashing 5 - - -


ANSI/PLATO FL1 Standard is a set of flashlight performance guidelines that confirms the light you're buying has been tested to spec, and you're not buying into false performance claims.


LED White and Red Light 
Reflector Optical Lens System
Battery Requirements 1x HLB1300 Battery Pack or 3x AAA Battery
Special Modes White, Red, Red Flashing
IP Rating IPX6, Weather Resistant
Impact Resistance 1 m
Dimensions 59mm x 50mm x 36mm (2.32" x 1.97" x 1.42")
Weight 67g (Bracket and headband included)
100g (Bracket, headband and 3x AAA batteries included)
Download Instruction Manual (PDF)

Compatible Batteries

Nitecore HLB1300 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack (1300mAh) - / 3.7V Yes
Primary Alkaline Battery AAA / 1.5V Yes
Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery AAA / 1.2V No
Rechargeable LFP Battery 10400 / 3.2V No
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 10400 / 3.7V No

What's In The Box

  • 1x HA13
  • 3x AAA Battery
  • 1x Headband

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