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How to Protect Yourself with A Flashlight (Video Course)

How to Protect Yourself with A Flashlight (Video Course)
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Recorded from a Live Workshop with Coach Reza from SurviTac

This online workshop gives you the basic understanding and skills you need to protect yourself on the street.

This workshop cost over $2000 to create, from studio rental to video recording and coach fees. Since we can't conduct these anymore due to pandemic times, we're releasing these online.

This is your chance to be part of a series of excellent courses for civilians, husbands, and anyone who want to be more prepared for changing times.

Here's what you'll learn
Secret Warmup Drills -
Drills you can do with a partner daily that mimics the intensity of a real fight, so you max out how long you can last when the real thing happens. As they say, the one that tires out first will lose.

Body Language & Descalation -
Learn how to avoid fights with neutral body language that still puts you in a ready position to defend yourself. Also understand predator mindset, and how you can look like less of a target.

Understanding Contact Range -
How do you know when your attacker can hit you? How far should you be? These drills will help you be keenly aware of ranges at all times, a fundamental part in any kind of combat.

Striking Tactics Against An Attack -
The safest way to attack an incoming punch. Never wait for the attack to come, then try to block it.

Mastering The Strike Cycle -
For power and momentum. Cycling enables you to go to the next strike harder and harder, this is key to helping you overwhelm your attacker with constant strikes.

Countering the Haymaker Punch - The most common street punch. Here's how to counter it properly.

Dealing with Multiple Opponents -
Footwork, and layering is key to dealing with multiple opponents. Here's how to go it properly.

Where did the system come from?
Survitac (Coach Reza) is our adviser on all training related programs, in the context of personal defense, non-lethal combative tactics and combative applications of Nitecore tactical lights.

SurviTac is advised from members of varied specialized fields in the uniformed services that have experience in active duty. This is to ensure that the training we give you will be current and as realistic as possible.
"Having worked in the Oil & Gas Industry for more than 15 years, my job takes me to some of the most remotes and ‘tough’ parts of the world. Had my fair share of ‘near miss’ encounters while in these areas. Gone are the days when you encountered a ‘hold up’ with guys whipping out the knife and empty your pockets before walking away, now they hurt you just for fun, peer pressure or just to impress.

Reza's approach is not intimidating but very innovative and specific to the risk you will likely encounter. Training sessions were realistic, covering the malfunction procedures and he makes you understand the mind of the assailants to anticipate their next likely move. Best of all Reza encourages you to think and decide on the best move in a particular situation.

I would definitely recommend this program conducted by Reza to anyone who has any reservation with their schedule, age or gender."

by Capt Piruz Shariff
Marine HSE Consultant

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