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F1 Flex Power Bank Charger

F1 Flex Power Bank Charger
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F1 Flex Power Bank Charger

Charge your batteries via USB, and then charge your mobile devices outdoors with the battery!

This is the only charger from Nitecore that doubles as a power bank with a high capacity 18650 battery. Without an external power source, F1 can charge an external device connected to its USB output port with the large capacity battery in its slot.

1. Install a large capacity battery inside F1’s charging slot and fix it with the included rubber band.
2. Connect an external device to F1’s USB output port via a USB cord.
3. F1’s intelligent USB charging system identifies the external device and begins charging.

The F1 is capable of activating depleted Li-ion batteries with protective circuit. After battery installation, F1 will test and activate the battery before charging. When a battery is detected as damaged, the LED goes off, and the user should stop charging. Such damaged battery cannot be activated by F1.

The ideal charger to bring on long travel and outdoor trips.

Close-up views

• Compatible with cylinder rechargeable Li-ion batteries of various sizes
• Intelligent USB charging management system
• Up to 1000mA fast charging through Micro-USB input port
• 1000mA fast charging through USB output port
• Optimized design for IMR battery charging circuit
• Three power indicators to indicate charging/discharging status
• Automatic power level detection
• Instant battery voltage indication upon battery installation
• Automatic battery detection and appropriate charging voltage/mode selection
• Battery reversed polarity protection and short circuit prevention
• Made from durable PC material (fire retardant/flame resistant)
• Designed for optimal heat dissipation
• Certified by RoHS, CE, FCC and CEC
• Insured worldwide by Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.

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What's in the box
  • F1 Flex Charger
  • 1 yellow band
  • 1 black band
Input voltage
DC 5V, ≥500mA
Output voltage
4.2V±1% (slot)/5V±5% (USB)
Output current
1000mA MAX (slot)/1000mA (USB)
Length 87.2mm
Width 24mm
Height 29.3mm
Weight 30.4g (without batteries and power cord)
Compatible with
26650 / 18650 / 17670 / 18490 / 17500 / 17335 / 16340(RCR123) / 14500 / 10440
"This Nitecore F1 charger pack is great to use as a standalone charger as well as portable battery pack. Charge any USB device with this charger including GoPros, cell phones, cameras and other accessories. Highly recommended"

by Jeff Heiden

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  • $22.00

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