Secrets To Countering Street Knife Attacks (Video Course)

Secrets To Countering Street Knife Attacks (Video Course)

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Recorded from a Live Workshop with Coach Reza from SurviTac

This workshop opens your eyes to the most common kinds of knife attacks, gets you accustomed to it and teaches you the 3 most important principles to countering them.

This workshop cost over $2000 to create, from studio rental to video recording and coach fees. Since we can't conduct these anymore due to pandemic times, we're releasing these online.

This is your chance to be part of a series of excellent courses for civilians, husbands, and anyone who want to be more prepared for changing times.

Here's what you'll learn
Learn how real knife attacks look like - Real-world behaviour is different from Hollywood movies, we'll show you what actually happens and why most people never see it coming.

Learn the 3 principles around knife attacks  - Clear, Control, Counter, 3 steps to keep you safe. We'll show you how to train it till it becomes second nature.

Learn how bad guys attack - You won't be just defending, you'll be attacking as well. Being on both sides opens your eyes to what weaknesses the bad guys will look for.

Learn the right ways to take down a stronger opponent - Using the right grips and body mechanics, learn the most effective way to bring down someone larger than you.

Learn to defend against the icepick attack - The scariest, closest and most deadly of all strikes, learn to counter it in the most effective way possi

Where did the system come from?
Survitac (Coach Reza) is our adviser on all training related programs, in the context of personal defense, non-lethal combative tactics and combative applications of Nitecore tactical lights.

SurviTac is advised from members of varied specialized fields in the uniformed services that have experience in active duty. This is to ensure that the training we give you will be current and as realistic as possible.
"Having worked in the Oil & Gas Industry for more than 15 years, my job takes me to some of the most remotes and ‘tough’ parts of the world. Had my fair share of ‘near miss’ encounters while in these areas. Gone are the days when you encountered a ‘hold up’ with guys whipping out the knife and empty your pockets before walking away, now they hurt you just for fun, peer pressure or just to impress.

Reza's approach is not intimidating but very innovative and specific to the risk you will likely encounter. Training sessions were realistic, covering the malfunction procedures and he makes you understand the mind of the assailants to anticipate their next likely move. Best of all Reza encourages you to think and decide on the best move in a particular situation.

I would definitely recommend this program conducted by Reza to anyone who has any reservation with their schedule, age or gender."

by Capt Piruz Shariff
Marine HSE Consultant

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