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520nm Green Laser (Class 3) for Military / Industrial

520nm Green Laser (Class 3) for Military / Industrial
520nm Green Laser (Class 3) for Military / Industrial

For marking targets, objects, debris, for others to see. This is NOT A TOY.

A lot of clients ask if we have lasers, especially marine and industrial; where they have to point out containers and floating debris in the waters. This is the brightest one we can find at 520nm, it's at a wavelength that's most visible to your eyes.

A Class 3A laser can cause eye injury. The more powerful the laser, the greater the chance of injury.

A Class 3A laser can be a distraction, glare or flash blindness hazard for pilots and drivers. NEVER aim any laser towards an aircraft or vehicle that is in motion. This is unsafe and is illegal -- you could be arrested and jailed.

Always be aware of the beam location. Keep it away from people's eyes and heads. Watch out for reflected beams from glass and shiny surfaces. When outdoors, you must avoid aiming at or near aircraft.

This is not a toy. Children should not be permitted to use Class 3A lasers.

Any teenager using a Class 3A laser should be continuously supervised by a responsible adult. A number of teenagers have caused eye injuries to themselves or others by misusing Class 3 and Class 4 lasers.

Class 3 (and 4) lasers are too powerful to be used as pointers. Some Class 3 (and 4) lasers may look like pointers, but these should not be used for pointing. Use a Class 2 (less than 1 mW) or Class 3R (less than 5 mW) laser for pointing purposes.

These are not laser toys. These will permanently blind you in an instant if you stare directly in the beam. Always keep out of reach of children, and be aware of what you are pointing at.

What's in the box
  • 520nm Green Laser (batteries not included)
  • Wrist lanyard
Laser Color Green
Laser Wavelength 520nm
Laser Output Power 5mW
Laser Range 1000m+
Laser Class 3A
Switch Tailcap Rubber Clicky
Battery Type 2x 16340 (NL166) battery
Dimension 157mm x 14mm
Body Color Black Aluminum
Weight 50g
"Powerful and very visible beam when marking out debris in the ocean. Its very useful for our work on deck."

by Mark R.

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User manual

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