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Torchlight best

i recently have bought a torchlight from nitecore and i really impress with the torchlight and unbelievable for my daily usage for my work:) thumbs up on nitecore torchlight👍


ThankYou Nitecore for the perfect size pack. It’s not to large that says hey look at me, yet big enough for daily essentials such as iPad phone and power packs and all your EDC needs with room to spare. The adjustable straps from back pack to sling is a cool feature. I’ve been using it as a sling and it feels good. Thanks again a real user Paul


Ideal for super dark situations with auto-lowest mode with Nichia light comfortable for the eyes - possible as a bedside light too!

NUP30 - MOLLE Utility Pouch

Nice and stylish design. Size is just nice. The velcro is also very good quality.

Tube 2.0 - 55 lumens
Muhammad Helmi

Good quality. So far no problem. Worth the money

TUP - 1000 lumens

Small bofy with wide brightness

As my hand size is small, TM9K TAC is the perfect taclite for my job. Conceal easily in my uniform without obstructing any of my other equipment.

An overpower torch light for it's size

Like the handy size with well thought-out functions on top of the 4-power modes. Tiki and the NUP 30 pouch were in it too and they are of very good quality. Worth the buy for sure!


Fantastic light for our facility. Beam has sufficient throw and lightweight enough to carry it on our belt

Perfect light for riding at night

I prefer to cycle at night and I came across this flashlight while looking for a bicycle light that won't blind anyone coming from the front. And since I own a few Nitecore flashlights, I know that Nitecore produces good quality flashlights. I made no hesitation into purchasing it. And as usual, they don't disappoint at all. Works just as intended and lights up my path well in the dark. Totally worth it 👍

Tube 2.0 - 55 lumens
chee chiang chin

Light and Bright . I attached with my car keys. Looks great 👍

Traffic Cone

A must buy to use with your nitecore lights especially for drivers! Quality is good and well fitted n built.

Awesome P10iX

Delivery was fast, great value-for-money bundle & I am super pleased with the powerful floodlight; even better than expected!

P30i - 2000 lumens (Bundle)
Muhd Amirudin Othman
P30i Searchlight

Totally worth it. Bright 1km beam distance. Ease of charging with the usb C cable and able to operate remotely. Good buy with the bundle gifts!

TIKI - 300 lumens
Muhammad Ariff
mini torchlight

very good quality item, bought a mini keychain torchlight and i like it a lot

21700 lantern

Excellent products with excellent prices , and amazing service especially with with the swift post.

LR12 - 1000 lumens
Aloysius Low
Small, bright, lightweight

The torch is small, it is bright, and it is light, and it has a built in diffuser so there's no need to fumble around with an attachment. However, I wished there's memory so that when switched on, it goes back to the last state, or a knob or button control, instead of having to turn on and off to switch between the various brightness

Good and Worth Update from P20UV to P20iUV

I'm a P20UV user, (BTW I'm not a military or any related security job).
Besides for self-defence, P20UV is also good for scrutinising cleanness.
P20iUV raised the bar convenience especially for charging the battery.

HC60 V2 - 1200 lumens

Good quality and well engineered product, and fits comfortably on my head, can be easily adjusted up for ceiling work or down for troubleshooting electrical components during servicing. It works with my third party button top 18650 battery as well.


Very Handful for my daily work. Built for the purpose. Would recommend this to my colleagues.

MH12 V2 bundle

Best deal !! Love the MH12 V2 and the bundled stuff, especially the MOLLE pouch 👍


Good compact torch / mini lantern with magnet. Can use regular AA battery, very convenient!

P10ix bundle

Awesome deal.
My first tactical floodlight for my night ops.

Aluminum Tactical Pen NTP21

SLB02 Messenger Bag

Handy bag, has easy access to my phone.