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Precision Digital Optics (PDOT)


Precision Digital Optics Technology, or PDOT for short, uses digital simulation and precise point-to-point curved reflecting methods to optimize reflector performance. So what you get is a more consistent, uniform and full-coverage beam cable of illuminating target at up to 283 meters.

All Nitecore reflectors are custom-engineered and made of alloy, not plastic, to ensure every flashlight emits a balanced beam profile of both flood and throw with minimal loss of light. These state of the art reflectors are then protected by anti-reflection coated, anti-scratch mineral glass lenses.


How reflectors work

Similar to a household ceiling lights, reflectors are fixed to an artificial light source (for example, a filament bulb or flash tube) to direct and shape the otherwise scattered light, reflecting it off their concave inner surfaces and directing it towards the an area. There are 2 main types of reflectors:

1. Spherical, short-sided, giving a relatively broad spread of light;
2. Parabolic, providing a tighter, parallel beam of light.

The trick is to get the perfect balance of spherical and parabolic shapes to get a good mix of throw and spill, and Nitecore has this perfected with their PDOT system.


Matte or polished reflector surface?

The reflector factor is the ratio of the illumination provided by a lamp fitted within a reflector to the illumination provided without any reflector fitted. A matte reflector will typically have a reflector factor of around 2, while a polished or metallic-finished reflector may have a factor of up to 6.

So the more polished the reflector, the more light will be reflected.

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