Self Defense Training

Tactical Flashlight Systems

Imagine you’re walking down the street with your wife and kids in the evening. Three guys approach you asking for money. You give it to them, but they won’t let you off.

What do you do?

With no help in sight, the possibility of them overpowering you, sexually assaulting your wife and hurting your kids becomes very, very real. When push comes to shove, what do you do? Every man should know how to defend himself, his spouse or his kids from harm.

Why can't I just call for help?

Singapore is a relatively safe country with an efficient police force. But when you are confronted, do you have time to call for help? Can help reach you in time? 90% of injuries and attacks start and end within the first few minutes of a confrontation. When help arrives, the damage would have been done. This is the same or worst overseas, where help might not be able to arrive in time.

Never leave protection of yourself and your loved ones in someone else’s hands. Make sure you’re equipped and prepared.

Why a flashlight?

In Singapore carrying a flashlight is legal, non-threatening and does not attract attention to yourself. Knives could easily kill, inflict serious damage, and are not allowed in most places, and not allowed in planes for overseas travel. A flashlight however, is less aggressive, is allowed on planes for overseas travel and still ideal to help you overcome your attacker.

Who is this system for?

This program is for everyone, regardless of age, male or female. This program will be especially useful for people who travel to high risk countries and anyone who wants to learn how to protect themselves and their family in a dangerous confrontation.

What do I need?

Prior training or experience is not needed, all you need is comfortable clothes, and either one of these 4 SurviTac Approved Nitecore lights, the SRT6, MT26, MH2C or MT2A. More on these lights later.

What will I learn in this system?

The system is an abridged version of SurviTac's personal defense program called E.D.G.E. With the tactical flashlight, you will potentially end the encounter faster because you now have an impact tool, force multiplier and a visual impairment device. Because of these reasons, you only need 4 hours (4 sessions) to learn the basics of this system.

The first 2 hours:
- Dangerous & violent street confrontation applications of the employment of the tactical flashlight (ambush, coffeeshop fight, mistaken identity)
- Understand Startle-Flinch reflex and converting into a tactical response
- Biomechanical superiority using posture & structure
- Learn to access the tactical flashlight and implement the tool effectively
- Scenario drills

The next 2 hours:
- Edged weapon awareness
- Understand the psychology behind the knife attack
- Surviving a knife attack
- Attributes required to defend the body against a knife attack
- Scenario drills

Training location:
- Orchard Area

What are the fees?

One-on-One or Buddy Training (1-2 pax):
Total $480 for 4 sessions - 1 hour each

Small Group Training (3-4 pax):
Total $600 for 4 sessions - 1 hour each


Capt Piruz Shariff
Marine HSE Consultant
31st July 2013

"Having worked in the Oil & Gas Industry for more than 15 years, my job takes me to some of the most remotes and ‘tough’ parts of the world. Had my fair share of ‘near miss’ encounters while in these areas. Gone are the days when you encountered a ‘hold up’ with guys whipping out the knife and empty your pockets before walking away, now they hurt you just for fun, peer pressure or just to impress.

Been contemplating a Self Defense course but at my age, Martial Arts is out as it takes too long and time is not in my favor due to my work schedule.

Chanced upon SURVITAC EDGE System Personal Defense Program conducted by Coach Reza Emmanuel. Initially I had reservations if an 8 hr session is of any benefit. As it turns out, it’s the best money I’ve spent to date.

Reza's approach is not intimidating but very innovative and specific to the risk you will likely encounter. Training sessions were realistic, covering the malfunction procedures and he makes you understand the mind of the assailants to anticipate their next likely move. Best of all Reza encourages you to think and decide on the best move in a particular situation.

The EDGE System taught by Reza is about the determination and technique to stay alive and returning to your loved ones, who’s future and livelihood depends on your survival.

I would definitely recommend the EDGE System personal defense program conducted by Reza to anyone who has any reservation with their schedule, age or gender."

SurviTac Approved Nitecore Lights

Purpose built for tactical use, these are top of the line and insanely bright.

These lights have a large enough size to grasp firmly, with at least a one-inch of the light protruding from the base of your fist, more than enough light to blind your attacker, a slim bezel to be used as an impact tool, and a tail cap switch that allows you to mash the switch and have the light come on at its full intensity.

Lights that require complicated sequences of button pushes, bezel twists, and other fine-motor manipulation are too difficult to operate in the stress of a violent encounter.


Survitac is our adviser on all training related programs, in the context of personal defense, non-lethal combative tactics and combative applications of Nitecore tactical lights.

SurviTac is one of South East Asia’s leading training and consulting companies specializing in the research and development of close quarter tactics or combative and scenario-based training for Civilians, LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) & Military personnel.

Their programs are based on reality. The system is functional in its approach. By maximizing the potential of the Warrior’s psychology, physiology and kinesiology they can enhance your ability to survive and dominate the situation in any context.



SurviTac is advised from members of varied specialized fields in the uniformed services that have experience in active duty. This is to ensure that the training we give you will be current and as realistic as possible. SurviTac's Combatives System is supported by Tuhon Tim Waid's Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Global Organisation : Survival Edge Systems - Tactical Close Quarters Combatives from the U.S.A.

Past Training Engagements by SurviTac

- 22nd November 2012 "E.D.G.E. System - Self Defense Tactics Awareness Program" for Ministry of Manpower HQ Staff conducted by Coach Emmanuel-Reza

- 14th October 2012 - "Combat Skills: Tactical CQC Seminar" for SAF troopers from a combat unit conducted by Coach Emmanuel-Reza

- 8th September 2012 Hosting International Seminar Presenter, Tim Waid, Tactical Close Quarter Combat Specialist & President of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System Global Organization, conducting Tactical CQC Seminar - Short Knife System

- 3rd June 2012 Hosting International Seminar Presenter, Tim Waid, Tactical Close Quarter Combat Specialist & President of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System Global Organization, conducting Survival Edge Systems intro to Tactical CQC Seminar