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Flashlight Selection Guide

Why can't I have a small light that's insanely bright? 2 reasons:

First, as LED size and lumen output increases, the size of the reflector that shapes the flashlight's beam has to increase to maintain optimum beam size and a corresponding increase in beam intensity. Second, the larger the LED, the more batteries are required to achieve sustainable high output and runtime.

So when choosing your light for a particular job, balancing maximum required light output and maximum practical flashlight size—not to mention any budgetary constraints—will usually come into play. And with today's Nitecore lights, there are even more factors to consider. Rechargeable? Multiple output levels? Different output colors?

Whichever models you ultimately choose, you'll be sure to find your needs exceeded with a Nitecore light. Technological advances and relentless innovation have made possible the development of these illumination tools mentioned below, and as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, we can't help but continue to bring you the best tools the world has to offer.


Ultra-Compact lights - Powered by 1 battery

Everyone should carry a small, extremely compact and powerful LED light that will barely be noticed when carried inside, or clipped to, your pant or shirt pocket. These also serve as backup tactical lights, should your main light fail while on duty.

Carry one of these with you, day or night, because you never know what might happen. Your life, or someone else's, might depend on it.

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Compact lights - Powered by up to 2 batteries

These lights are perfect for personal defense because of their size and length. Easy to conceal and they pack a hard hit when used has a defensive weapon.

From a technical standpoint, these contain larger LEDs and heads that allow them to generate significantly higher outputs. They produce outputs between 800 to 1000 lumens, resulting in what are essentially pocket-sized searchlights.

All lights in this range are dual power capable, accepting either 1x 18650 rechargable or CR123A primaries, both of which are available from us.

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Medium lights - Powered by up to 4 batteries

For serious users, and for when you absolutely have to illuminate every single thing in front of you. This category of lights provide longer runtimes, incredible throw and massive output compared to the smaller compact lights. The larger reflectors create searchlight-class extended-reach beams suited for tactical and rescue applications.

All lights in this range are dual power capable, accepting either 18650 rechargable or CR123A primaries, both of which are available from us.

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