NBM40 (YELLOW) - Battery Magazine for 18650
NBM40 (YELLOW) - Battery Magazine for 18650
NBM40 (YELLOW) - Battery Magazine for 18650
NBM40 (YELLOW) - Battery Magazine for 18650
NBM40 (YELLOW) - Battery Magazine for 18650
NBM40 (YELLOW) - Battery Magazine for 18650
NBM40 (YELLOW) - Battery Magazine for 18650

NBM40 (YELLOW) - Battery Magazine for 18650

"Nice, clean way to carry batteries instead of pouches and ziplocks that might rip and bump on other metal things in my bag. Keep my battery investment safe." - Gerald F.

Shockproof, silent and inert way to safely store and carry up to 4x 21700 type batteries.

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Shockproof carrier for 18650 type batteries

18KG tear resistant material

  • Holds up to 4x 18650 batteries
  • Only 53g, doesn't add any additional weight to your kit
  • Tie loop can be used as a fastener
  • Prevent punctures from drops
  • Safely store HPi batteries to prevent short circuits

Safe and convenient way to store and carry your batteries.

INERT RUBBER - Prevents accidental connections between batteries, reducing potential fire-hazards by blocking circuit shorts when batteries are left loosely bouncing around other metal items.

STRONG TEAR RESISTANCE - The carrier loop at the top holds up to 18kg of weight, so if you do hang your carrier externally, it won't snap off.

EXTRA SECURITY STRAP - Hook-and-loop strap keeps your battery tight and in place no matter how bumpy your journey is.

18650 batteries are high-powered, high-value batteries that cost a fair bit and should be protected when not in use.

3 common things it should be protected against contact with other metal objects, impact, and punctures.

Using inert rubber materials like this carrier completely blocks out any potential for accidents as both ends of the battery are covered.

It also absorbs shocks when dropped and stays silent in any bag or pouch you carry for covert ops. If you have invested quite a bit into 18650 batteries, it makes perfect sense to invest in quality protective options for them to make sure they last longer.

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What's In The Box

  • 1x BLACK Hook-and-Loop Strap
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