HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens
HC68  - 2000 lumens

HC68 - 2000 lumens

"A focusable beam and super wide flood is the best of both worlds. Overall, incredible. Very versatile in every way." - Charles B..

Dual Beam E-Focus Headlamp That Does Everything You Need From For Handsfree Work Efficiency. USB-C Rechargeable, Waterproof.

Mixed Beam (100~200m)

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Patented Electronic Focusing Design For Unmatched Efficiency In Switching Beams.

Why bring 2 lights when you can have 2 beams in 1 headlamp!

  • 2000 lumen brightness over 185 meters
  • Powered by 1x 18650 battery
  • 6 brightness levels, Red light, and flashing modes
  • Spotlight / Floodlight Adjustable
  • USB-C rechargeable
  • IP6X rated and 2m impact resistant
  • HAIII military grade hard-anodized finish

The ONE headlamp that literally does it all. From searching to maintenance to camping.

CHANGE YOUR BEAM TYPE ON THE FLY - Continuously adjust the beam profile between a focused spotlight and a wide flood light beam. Its 150° degree truevision wide angle flood beam covers your entire field of vision. The HC68 also comes with two auxiliary red LEDs for hunting or low light conditions. This makes the HC68 an ideal headlamp for camping, running, trekking, biking, or any professional work such as industrial maintenance, security, or patrol.

USB-C RECHARGEABLE - The included 3500mAh high capacity 18650 battery supports an exceptional 800 hours of runtime on ultra low. It goes from zero to full in around 3 hours. The power switch doubles as a charging status indicator and battery power indicator.

EASY TO USE AND COMFORTABLE TO WEAR - With its large power switch and top adjustment buttons. Hold down the (+) button for stepless adjustment to piercing spotlight or hold down the (-) button for a wide beam floodlight. Triple tap the power switch to activate the red light.

The biggest problem with headlamps is beam distance, the ability to change from a near, flood beam to a long reaching 100m beam.

With past headlamps, you need attachments or have to off and on the light every time you switch beams, disrupting your work.

This HC68 solves all of that by having both beams built into 1 light then allowing you to seamlessly changes from flood to spot beam and any level in between.

This greatly improves your efficiency during important tasks. Don't put your personal safety on inferior headlamps or headlamps made for the wrong purpose.

If you need a serious headlamp to last throughout your work shift, this will be a HUGE upgrade to whatever you're using now.


Spot Higher
Spot High
2h 30min
Spot Mid
Spot Low 50 28h 32m 280cd
Spot Ultralow 1 800h 4m 4cd
Flood Higher 1400 30min 77m 1500cd
Flood High 850 2h 30min 57m 820cd
Flood Mid 220 6h 29m 210cd
Flood Low 45 28h
18m 87cd
Flood Ultralow 1 800h 2m 1cd
Red High 11 30h 4m 4cd
Red Low 3 110h 2m 1cd
Red Flashing 11 160h - -
Beacon / SOS 2000 - - -


ANSI/PLATO FL 1 2016 Standard is a set of flashlight performance guidelines that confirms the light you're buying has been tested to spec, and you're not buying into false performance claims.


LED 2x Luminus SST-40-W LEDs
Reflector TIR optic lens
Battery Requirements 1x 18650
Special Modes SOS / Beacon / RED
IP Rating IP68, 2m (Waterproof & Submersible)
Impact Resistance 2 m
91.5mm x 34.75mm x 26.5mm (3.60" x 1.37" x 1.04")
Weight 118.5g / 4.18 oz (with bracket and headband, without battery)
Download Instruction Manual (PDF)

Compatible Batteries

Nitecore NL1835HP (3500mAh)
18650 / 3.6V Yes
Button Topped 18650 (Over 8A Discharge Current)
18650 / 3.6~3.7V Yes
Primary Lithium Battery
CR123 / 3V Yes
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery RCR123 / 3.6~3.7V Yes
Flat Topped 18650 Battery 18650 No
Button Topped 18650 (Below 8A Discharge Current) 18650 No


DO NOT attempt to use the HC68 to charge CR123/RCR123 batteries.

What's In The Box

  • 1x HC68
  • 1x NL1835HP 3500mAh
  • 1x Spare O-ring
  • 1x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1x Headband
  • 1x Bracket

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