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  • Red and blue LEDs on the SRT5 and SRT3

    A few customers have commented that the red and blue modes for the SRT5 and SRT3 is too dim and not of much use.

    First and foremost these 2 are tactical lights, and were purpose built for tactical use. Here’s a real life testimonial from a satisfied client-

    “We used them recently out in the swamps in Malaysia, in complete darkness and under moonlight.
    The red light mode of the SRT5 gave us more than enough light to navigate our maps, look for gear and move around without being seen from afar and also avoid disturbing the surrounding wildlife.

    Once we were close to village areas we were able to dial up the white light to overpower surrounding streetlights, taking our objective by surprise.

    That flexibility of having moonlight stealth and blinding power at a single twist of the ring is what the SRT series is all about, and those of us in the field truly appreciate how these lights have met our specific needs.” - Confidential Group

    More on the SRT5 here -

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