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  • Defense techniques with Nitecore tactical lights

    In this incredible demonstration video by Tuhon Tim Waid and Survitac, Tim demonstrates the effectiveness of using a Nitecore in low light personal defense situations.

    A proper tactical light such as the 3 used in the video (Nitecore MT2A, MT26, MH2C) serves well as a visual impairment tool, impact tool, force multiplier, and a natural extention tool for hooking, locking and grappling techniques,

    These lights have been approved for personal defense use by Survitac, and are available from - www.nitecorelights.com/collections/personal-defense-lights.

    To learn more about these techniques used and to equip yourself with the knowledge to use these incredible personal defense lights, check out Survitac's site to learn more - www.survitac.com/seminars.html

    Remember, your tools are only effective if you know how to use them.

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