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  • Initial impressions of the SRT7 Revenger - 960 lumens

    An engineering masterpiece, the brand new SRT7 Revenger.

    The first thing you notice about the SRT7 is the very, very smooth magnetic control ring. An absolute joy to use. The tactile click at mode intervals has a great premium feel. No more missing modes, even underwater.

    There's a lot of questions surrounding the multicolor LEDs. We tried it out and it's true, they are meant for close range use only. At pitch black the colored beams will reach about 10 meters. Useful for close range or direct signaling from a distance. Slapping on the white diffuser cones will give you a more useful beacon for the colored LEDs.

    This was purpose built for throw (308m). So the hot spot of the beam will be tighter than smaller reflector lights. Compared to the P25 and MH25, all of them perform similarly, but has different selling points.

    If you need the USB charging function, get the MH25. If you need the charging function and secondary control switch, get the P25. If you need the color LEDs and the absolute best flashlight control interface, without USB charging, this is it. The SRT7.

    Highly recommended for those that demand pure form and function.

    You can get all 3 lights here:

    MH25 'Nightblade'

    P25 'Similoden'

    SRT7 'Revenger'

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