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  • Nitecore P20 - Built to fight, ready to strike

    First impressions on the new P20, it does indeed feel like it has been built for combat. It has a very stout feel. It's shorter than even the P12, so it sits very tightly in your hand when your fists are closed. It's light weight, so it doesn't hamper your movements. The larger diameter head gives you stopping grip when you're striking, so it doesn't slip out of your hand. 

    No rattling or shaking from this light. Everything is rock solid and compacted. The best part comes in the form of the Strobe-ready tailcap switch. It's essentially a super easy access strobe switch that you can activate even when you're wearing gloves or mashing it in distress. There's no SOS or beacon blink modes, but that's fine as it was built for combat and defense use. The beam throw is medium range with wide spread, excellent blinding power within 50 meters. 

    Interface wise, there are 3 modes, Military (Turbo / Strobe only), Law enforcement (Turbo / Low / Strobe ) and General (Turbo / Medium / Low / Strobe). So just choose your preferred mode of use and you're set. The crenulated bezels are an effective glass breaker and WILL HURT when struck on soft skin and bone. But not to worry it is still safe to carry on board planes. 

    Highly, highly recommended for all duty personnel and civilians that want something more than just an illumination tool.

    You can get the P20 online here - http://www.nitecorelights.com/products/p20-800-lumens

  • Red and blue LEDs on the SRT5 and SRT3

    A few customers have commented that the red and blue modes for the SRT5 and SRT3 is too dim and not of much use.

    First and foremost these 2 are tactical lights, and were purpose built for tactical use. Here’s a real life testimonial from a satisfied client-

    “We used them recently out in the swamps in Malaysia, in complete darkness and under moonlight.
    The red light mode of the SRT5 gave us more than enough light to navigate our maps, look for gear and move around without being seen from afar and also avoid disturbing the surrounding wildlife.

    Once we were close to village areas we were able to dial up the white light to overpower surrounding streetlights, taking our objective by surprise.

    That flexibility of having moonlight stealth and blinding power at a single twist of the ring is what the SRT series is all about, and those of us in the field truly appreciate how these lights have met our specific needs.” - Confidential Group

    More on the SRT5 here -

  • SpartanBlades NYX and Nitecore SRT7

    When you're out in the field, rely only on the best tools for survival and illumination. This is the SpartanBlades NYX and Nitecore SRT7. Get $50 off when you purchase these 2 as a set from AIMSPEC.

    The NYX is a fully capable combat/utility knife. Hand made and designed by 2 retired US Army Special Forces personnel with over 40 years of combined military service and experience. Made in USA with only the best materials, this comes razor sharp, grips perfectly and will last you a lifetime.

    The SRT7 is a 960 lumen compact search light, purpose built for tactical use. It comes with red, green and blue lights for all manner of tactical applications. A magnetic ring lets you set the brightness from ultra low to ultra bright. Strobe, SOS and beacon modes will get you out of any situation. Waterproof down to 40m depth and it comes with a 10 year warranty.

    Both of these tools are the perfect companion for the Sniper, Ranger, Scout or any soldier working in a field environment.

    Find out more at -
    AIM Spec
    505 Beach Road (Army Market)
    #02-222, Golden Mile FC, Singapore 199583
    Tue-Sun 1pm to 8pm
    +65 9690 5966

  • SRT6 and SRT7 depth tested to 60m depth for 30mins

    For the divers, here's the video of the SRT6 and SRT7 depth chamber test.

    We brought them beyond 40m in a depth chamber and left them at 60m for over 30mins. And they still work, not a single leak in sight.

    You can find out more about the 2 dive capable tactical lights here:

    SRT7 - http://www.nitecorelights.com/products/srt7-960-lumens
    SRT6 - http://www.nitecorelights.com/products/srt6-930-lumens

  • Always carry a backup light

    We asked a customer why he always bought flashlights in pairs. He told us it is critical for him to carry 2 lights. Why?

    One high powered long throw main light with longer runtime and a backup, compact high powered light in an easily accessible pocket or bag.

    In case he loses his main light, or the battery dies or the light malfunctions in any way, he will not find himself in a situation where he's completely out of illumination.

    This is especially critical to the guys that work in life threatening situations; namely divers, marine repair crews, police officers and military. These guys may not have the luxury of switching batteries on the job. So if their main light dies they can switch to their backup light instantly.

    Not having illumination might mean life and death for some of them. So for those of you out there putting your lives on the line, you have our utmost respect. And always, always carry a main light and backup light.

    The new SRT3 Defender in the photo above is the perfect backup light for any situation.

    You can get your SRT3 here:

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